Best books ever

“A will eternal” written by Er gen in these past 4 years.
Around 1200 chapters of 10m read.

  • Suprising events, you never get enough of it.
  • Never laugh so much when reading a book!
  • The ending is a bit roughly finished but it’s the case for any of his books.

I’d say one of the best books I ever read was Tales of Demons and Gods. Hands down, one of the best book ever. Although I may be a bit biased due to personal reasons, we all still can agree that Tales of Demons and Gods is quite awesome none the less.

:white_check_mark: Indulging Storyline
:white_check_mark: Easy to pick up
:white_check_mark: Overpowered yet not so overpowered Main Character (we all love that)
:white_check_mark: A fantastic world to explore

And best of all, it’s all uphill from the first chapter! :+1::+1::+1:

I do like it but I would not add it to my favorites.
The events are repeating in the same way, not enough surprises.
The mc is overpowerful and he could be even more but he intentionally do not.
The author stopped writing due to issues with his publishing house that I would not name here.
But it’s still a nice read.