How does one become excellent

Serious question. Please help me become an excellent writer.


Black hills flows to rivers,
Fresh paper etched to stone.
Ask me how to move a brush,
I rather ask how to stop the ink.


How would I know how to do that. :smiley:

But I guess you just need to read and write all the time and it will come on its own :wink:

Nice words from a traitor

If anything, I’m a traitor in these waters, for my origins lay elsewhere.

Where would that be?

Tapas, before that Webnovel and even before that Wattpad.

How to become a good writer: write, write, write & write
There is no true rule but there exists some advices like using x software to structure your world, etc…

That is the question isn’t it? Only writing over and over doesn’t teach you anything new. Search: Writing tips, mistakes new writers make, writing tips flow, writing tips tension, writing tips characterization, writing tips suspense, writers sacred cows, how to self publish, how to avoid writing scams and bogus publishers, writing tips foreshadowing, writing tips how to write faster, writing tips finding your voice, writing tips don’t follow trends. Each article will lead to more articles and help a lot. :smiley:

I think the more important question needs to be, are you a productive writer? [gives a hug]

My bad I agree with you.
You can write for 10 years and still be a bad writer, even if it’s sure the writing has improved