I want to read a novel

I want to read a normal novel. No LGBTQ, nor BoysLove, no Lolicon and no yuri. Only a normal novel where the author has really put his soul into.
Send your link at your response and I will read it.

Not sure if this is quite what you’re after, but here’s mine: https://neoread.neovel.io/book/6848/EN/a-stranger-in-sorcererstown-the-stranger-trails-saga
It is, at least, free of the tags you want to avoid.

I think I’d hit your third criteria quite well. I’ve poured a lot of effort into my novel, but I don’t know about it being a normal novel though…
If you like magic fantasy and sci-fi, I’ll just leave Tamashī Tensei here.

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You might like my story, it’s a gothic romance with necromancy and fairies: The Courting of Life and Death

A dark fantasy, unfinished am currently revising the book and running towards the end. I love my characters, and the world they are in. this is written in deep pov so might be different then what you’re accustomed to, it’s much like first person, but not. I’ve revised chapters one though 15 so far (they aren’t on this website yet, they will be soon.)

https://neoread.neovel.io/book/7015/EN/soul-tear I’ll be updating the entire book, as soon as the revision is done. Thank you if you read it. I’ve been at this for years life loves to get in the way, I won’t quit though.

I have two novels on Neovel that you may be interested in. :wink:

Dark Bytes is a scifi anthology that explores various themes related to technology and humanity. It’s also packed with action scenes.

Shackles is a completed romance novel set in ancient China but is more similar to war movies like Red Cliff and includes court politics. The story follows Empress Wu Zetian’s treacherous journey from the hands of enemy Tufan soldiers back to the Forbidden City where she battles foes from within her own kingdom.