The rating system

What currently exists:

  • 5 stars for 4 different criteria (grammar, style, …)
  • ratio 1:1 when averaging stars count

What I will implement:

  • show for book comments on which chapter was the user when he/she rated and on which he/she currently is
  • add rating to book comment

What has been proposed:

  • a forced comment when rating below 3
  • minimum content length for this comment ?
  • a force comment when rating 1 or 5 stars
  • implement this only when the average of the 4 criteria is below 3 ?

Please help me what I should do.

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I deeply hate minimum comment length

First of let me say I dislike rating systems that measures from good to bad on a “free” product. However, it’s the hand we’ve been dealt so here is my thoughts:

As an author I think it would be great if you had to leave comments to rate, no matter the rating. Also of a minimum length of 100 characters or so. There’s nothing I hate worse than anonymous ratings with no justification. Because I don’t know what people disliked or liked. At the same time, it’ll be easier to spot trolls and so on.

(Just a small thought here, maybe make it a premium feature to be able to rate without leaving a comment? This way, then at least trolls would have to contribute something, not just drive by ratings.)

It’ll help a bit what you say will be implemented, but not as much as what has been proposed. I think you should force a comment on rating below 2.5. Under 2.5 it means that they found it bad, let them tell the authors why. Because if they don’t tell us why they dislike our stories, we’ll not know what to improve.

I suggest to make the system to something like you can’t rate at all unless you spend specified amount of time (something like 5-10 minutes) on the novel (and have not read certain number of chapters for books with 10+ chapters).
(Also, this way you can remove condition for a necessary review from all ratings except 0.5, 1.0, 4.5 and 5 star ratings to make things fair)

Archiving some stuff from Discord:



Biased Archive, read the full thing on discord.

Just use an out of 10 rating