What features would you like to have right now?


We are getting a nice community of writers and that’s awesome!
But we now need to attract more readers!
There is a lot of reading platform poping recently,
what would attract the readers to come to Neoread ?

  • Books exclusive on Neoread. For the moment, some authors decided to that and I’m super glad but we have not yet created special rewards for exclusivity.
  • Unique features

We need your help to find and chose what we need to priorise and release in the next few months.
Here are unique features we thought, everything can be modified!

  • Translation
  1. Who will translate?
    Anyone, it could even be you or a professional translator hired by us. Any translator need to be validated by the author
  2. Which language will this be translated in?
    Any language, even in French.
  3. Which books will be translated by a paid translator?
    We will begin by the most famous book on Neoread
  4. Who keep the rights of the translation?
    Any translation done via Neoread should only be available on Neoread.
    If any user, he will be the owner of the translation (to define) but won’t be able to publish elsewhere.
    If paid translator, it will be Neoread who keep the rights of the translation.
  5. How can an author certify if it is qualitatively translated?
    If it’s by a paid translator, we will certify it. Otherwise the author remains the judge of quality.
  6. Will the original author be paid and if yes how much?
    If any user, the translator will be paid in the same way authors are currently paid. The original author will get a % of it (to define, my first thought is 10%). If paid translator, the amount generated by the chapters read will be splited between Neovel & the original author (I don’t know the % yet).
  • Audible
  1. Who will make the audible?
    Any user will be able to upload his voice to a chapter.
  2. Who validate?
    It’s the author who validates the speaker per chapter.
  3. Who keep the rights?
    The audible should only be available on Neoread. Same way than the translation.
  4. Will this audible be available only for premium users?
    First 3 chapters are free then premium
  5. How much will the speaker be paid (because of his work)?
    Need to define this but maybe a % of the premium?
  6. How much will the author be paid (because he owns the original book)?
    Need to define, maybe the same way than the translation.
  • Ads on twitter & instagram

  • Other features to find with your help!


Disclaimer: Some of these have already been suggested through Discord

Suggestions for reading:
• Ability to mark chapters as read
• Ability to bookmark individual chapters
• Ability to disable notifications for favourites
(selective by book)
• Get RSS feed for books to make own update mechanisms
• Maybe see the time of upload
• Maybe see release date of next chapter if made available by author

Suggestions for writing:
• Author Notes
• Timed drafts for release on specific dates and times
• Ability to disable the volume feature to keep a linear list of chapters
• Increased character length for chapters
• Horizontal Bars

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These are good suggestions and I already noted most of them but would it make it attract new readers?
I’m not sure

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IMO, mark as read, time of upload and disable notifications are for refinement. RSS is for communities and update management.

Bookmarking individual chapters: it’s a big issue I have with novels as we can’t just bookmark a certain section of story or chapter we really love and over time, as story grows, it gets lost in chapters. Ofc, you may argue we can just copy but the copied doesn’t have the same punch to it than when we read it on source and sometimes, we have to reffer stuff from previous chapter(s), which we might not have copied for full effect of the section. And it’s a good feature to have in general, which unfortunately, most platforms lack.

Release date countdown(s) are just plain old yet a really effective and solid way to generate hype for the next chapter. And, given the fact that most platforms don’t have this feature in general, this can be worthwhile, both for the author as they can generate hype and get an even better effect for an already compelling scene and for reader as they wouldn’t need to bother with timezones and what not just to figure out when next chapter of their weekly favourite is going to release. Thus, if implimentation is good, this can be a hit.

Can’t think of any other features I’d like to see at the moment but will update when I do! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

There’s already a timed draft option I think?

Yep, but you can’t set exact time at the moment. It takes time from previous chapter release iirc.

Perhaps more author renumeration options. Some examples:

  • Premium-exclusive novels
  • Fast passes to read chapters in advance
  • Webnovel-style paywalls if an author is so inclined (perhaps they’re used to that system, but want to host their works on a better site)

Premium-exclusive novels -> Work in progress!
Fast passes to read chapters in advance & Webnovel-style paywalls if an author is so inclined
-> we won’t for many reasons

  • we don’t really like the paywall system, we prefer the old way where reading is free and donations is the way to support the authors & motivate them to write more chapters. We have made the premium this way by redirecting 50% to the authors and also displaying the patreon/paypal links of the authors.
  • Users at the last chapter can be at different part of the story -> that means there can be some conflicts when discussing the book
  • More reasons, I will write when I remember them all :slight_smile:
  • We are not closed to changes but this paywall is currently not planned